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Privacy Policy

The Company recognises the importance of the protection of personal information and specific personal information in this society of sophisticated information-communications, and strives to protect personal information and specific personal information based on the Policy set out below.

1.Acquisition of personal information

The Company acquires personal information by legal and fair means.

2.Use of personal information

The Company uses personal information within the scope of the following purpose of use indicated at the time of acquisition or within the scope of the purpose of use that is clear based on such acquisition conditions to the extent necessary for the performance of business activities, and does not use it for other purposes except where it has the individual’s consent or where it is permitted by legislation.

Personal information concerning customers

(1) Sending information on events

(2) Support for inquiries and consultation

(3) Performance of agreements

(4) Negotiations, meetings, etc. with customers

Personal information concerning shareholders

(1) Exercise of rights and performance of obligations pursuant to the Companies Act

(2) Provision of various benefits

(3) Performance of various shareholder policies (questionnaires, etc.)

(4) Shareholder management pursuant to legislation

Personal information concerning the officers, employees, etc. of other companies, including clients, government and public offices, etc.

(1) Various communications, reports, inquiries, negotiations, etc. necessary for business activities

(2) Payment, income, credit management, etc. operations

Personal information concerning job applicants

(1) Provision and communication of recruitment information, etc. to job applicants

(2) Recruitment operations in the Company

3.Provision of personal data to third parties

Except where otherwise specified by legislation, the Company will not provide personal data to a third party (excluding contractors) without obtaining the individual's prior consent.

4.Shared use of personal data

The Company may conduct the shared use of the provided personal data at the Company’s domestic affiliates and the Company’s overseas subsidiaries based on the following conditions:

(1) Personal data items that are shared and used Name, date of birth, age, gender, address, telephone number, e-mail address, product purchase history

(2) Scope of the persons who share and use it The Company, the Company’s domestic affiliates and the Company’s overseas subsidiaries

(3) Purpose of use of the persons who use it As described in 2. (Use of personal information) above

(4) Name of the party responsible with respect to the management of such personal data Yamabiko Corporation

5.Management of personal information

• The Company will maintain the accuracy of personal information and manage it securely.

• In order to prevent the loss, damage, alteration, divulgence, etc. of personal information, the Company will enact appropriate information security measures to guard against unauthorised access, computer viruses, etc.

• The Company will not allow personal information to be divulged through actions, such as removal from the premises, external transmission, etc.

6.Monitoring of contractors

In the case where the Company outsources the processing of personal data to an external party, it will be contractually obligated not to divulge or provide it to third parties, and the proper management will be performed.

7.Disclosure, amendment, termination of use, and deletion of personal data

The Company recognises that the individual has the right to request the disclosure, amendment, termination of use, deletion, etc. of their personal data, and will respond to any such request without delay. In addition, should you have any views or questions concerning the Company’s handling of personal data, please contact our Personal Information Consultation Centre.


• The Company will appoint a Personal Information Protection Manager and implement appropriate management of personal information.

• The Company will carry out training for its directors and employees concerning personal information protection and appropriate management methods, and will ensure proper handling of personal information in its day-to-day business activities.

9.Enactment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of Personal Information Protection Program

In order to execute this Policy, the Company will enact a Personal Information Protection Program (including this Policy, personal information protection rules and related rules/regulations), and disseminate this to the Company’s employees and other interested parties, implement, maintain and continuously improve it.

10.Handling of specific personal information

The Company observes the “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures” and the “Guidelines Concerning Proper Handling of Specific Personal Information (Business Edition)” and handle the specific personal information properly.

May 30, 2017
Representative Director President & C.E.O Yoshiaki Nagao