CS-2511WES to launch this summer

The CS-2511TES petrol chainsaw quickly rose to be regarded as the best top handle chainsaw on the market. This was in large due to its extraordinary power to weight ratio - just 2.3kg with an output of 1.11kW. Professional arborists around the world have been increasing their productivity with a chainsaw that is lighter and allows greater maneuverability than anything else on the market.

This summer, ECHO will start shipping the CS-2511WES, a rear handle version that retains the same ergonomics and benefits with a few updated features. Its ultra compact size and precision make it ideal for trimming, pruning, wood carving and off-ground work.

Both chainsaws, due to their best in class features are part of the ECHO X-Series, which is a collection of our best tools. To find out more about the X-Series please visit: https://www.echotools.com/en_us/products/x-series

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